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Building System Controls

We are a Distech Controls System Integrator. We see an advantage for the customer using the Lonworks open communication protocol.

Building Controls

At Cox Air-Conditioning and Heating we have taken a very close look at the Building Controls Industry and we believe we have the best Control System the industry has to offer and the tools to make the best implementation.
We are a Distech Controls System Integrator. We see an advantage for the customer using the Lonworks open communication protocol. Open systems allow us to provide our customers a wider array of choices. Having a Web Based user interface opens possibilities you may not have considered. Below is a small article from our Building Systems Integrator. We certainly could not begin to cover everything here but perhaps we can introduce some food for thought.

Considerations For Your Control System
Wow, where do you start when talking about Building Automation. If you want a dynamic topic then Building Systems Integration has to be one of the fastest changing industries. We have dedicated more than 15 years to working with Building Control Systems exclusively and we have to say, we have seen a lot of them.

There are a few things that we believe you must look for in a Building Control System.

One of the first things on your list is to get a system that follows the industry standards with proven technology that will be readily available and interchangeable.

Be sure the system you select is scaleable. You should not have to throw out part of last years investment to make a marginal expansion in your current control system.

Avoid proprietary systems, if your control system requires that all replacement parts be made by that manufacturer then you are limited to only their products.

When selecting a control system you should ask how many systems can be incorporated into the Controls Network Structure. Will my HVAC system be able to integrate into my Fire Alarm System. Can the Door Access Controllers and Security Camera System be integrated into the Building Automation System.

If your building has a computer network you may want to ask if you have a need to access the system from multiple locations. Most organizations can benefit from leveraging their existing ethernet connections to allow multiple access points and even multiple users accessing the system at the same time.

These capabilities even open the possibility of putting your Building Control System on the Internet. Can you imagine having a technician assist you and possibly even solving your problem without even stepping foot on your property. Often the time savings and convenience are surprising.

Many times your Building Systems are broken or performing below their normal standards before we know about the problem. These new networking advances in the Building Automation Industry now allow your system to contact you when there is a problem and again this can happen before you have a chance to notice. It is pretty easy to see how identifying a problem and handling it as soon as possible can save wear and downtime.

In today's world, energy savings is a must. The core component to achieving energy savings is your Building Control System. You may be surprised to hear me say that you can't optimize your energy savings fully with a Building Control System alone. You need at least three things to complete a good energy plan. First you need efficient equipment. Second you need to maintain your equipment for optimum performance. Third you need a plan to stop or reduce as much equipment usage as possible. It is on these second and third issues that your Building Control System should be designed and implemented around. Only by attacking energy usage on all fronts can you achieve Full Energy Optimization.

The options and possibilities are far too numerous to cover here. I hope I have covered some of the questions that you may have had. We would be delighted to discuss your situation and your goals to help find a solution that will help cut your management, operating and energy costs.

Our goal--our focus--our job-- is to work with you on all fronts. We will look at your building needs from all directions to provide you with a Control System that is user friendly, expandable and comprehensive. Properly applied your Building Control System is your best Energy Management / Building Management tool.

If you would like more information before you call, please visit our Automation Products page.

Building Systems Integrator

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